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She Leads in Myanmar – Inspiring Women Leaders

Yaung Chi Thit published She Leads in Myanmar: Inspiring Women Leaders in both Myanmar and English, which was written by Katie Ryan, IFES’ senior gender and training advisor, in close cooperation with Yaung Chit Thit (YCT) and the IFES Myanmar team. Please download it at the link below.

Myanmar version


English version

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ISEAUhGkk_2_yijScP5qyPE5pr-9a7zu/view?usp=sharing

Launching ceremony of policy paper on Gender Policy towards Gender Equality

The launching ceremony of the gender policy paper towards gender equality was held at Green Hill Hotel, Yangon on January 15, 2018. Salween Public Policy Study Group and Women’s League of Burma jointly prepared the policy paper for the strategies to promote gender equality. The meeting was organized in the form of group discussions on the policy papers led by leaders, discussion of the facts and agenda included in the papers, and questions from the participants. Daw Khin Hla, the director of Yaung Chi Thit, joined and contributed to the discussion.

Burmese Version


English Version