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Provide small funds for actions after Gender Leadership training

One of the project areas: Tain Nyo village, Mrauk-U township is divided into two parts: Northern and Southern and the village administrator is a woman. There are more than 330 households with agriculture as the main source of their livelihood. The village is located about 300 Yards away from the Yangon – Sittwe highway road and no civil society organizations have ever conducted any project in the village. In terms of economy, it is left far behind her [L1] counterparts. In order to select 3 female villagers for the project and explain it, our organizations first conducted preliminary discussions that involved the community members including the village administrator and collected ground data and information. Three women from Tain Nyo village were selected and it was arranged for them to join three modules of Gender Leadership training. After completing the trainings, they were asked to select one main urgent problem their village needed to solve, calculate the budget, develop a project timeline and present them to our organization. Yaung Chi Thit contributed some of the proposed budget and the project was implemented under the leadership of the trainees. Through the project, the hardship the villagers, especially the old, faced in fetching water from the village water reservoir was resolved by installing 2 strong ladders. The project was successful because of the financial support from Yaung Chi Thit and contribution of the remaining amount for the required budget by the community. Women possess leadership capacities and they need to be given the opportunity to lead their families, community as well as their country.