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Yaung Chi Thit celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary

Yaung Chi Thit wishes our friends, partners, and donors a peaceful and joyful day. Today is the day Yaung Chi Thit celebrates the 10 year anniversary of our journey serving the women of Myanmar. Yaung Chi Thit has worked together with our friends and partners from different fields during the last 10 years. Yaung Chi Thit started its journey as an organization in the year 2009 in Myebon Township, Rakhine State by conducting a leadership training session of 20 young men and women from 10 villages under the leadership of Daw Khin Hla. Participants of that training came to be able to find the opportunities for development of their respective communities while some of them now are in leadership positions taking great responsibilities in Yaung Chi Thit. At first, Yaung Chi Thit was meant only for the development of the youths and women of Rakhine State. However, it has operated its missions in different areas across Myanmar since 2015. The vision of Yaung Chi Thit is “To build a peaceful and democratic society based on justice and gender equality”. Yaung Chi Thit is a Non-Government Organization independent of political and religious affiliations. In accordance with its vision, the organization works towards an active involvement of youth and women in Myanmar’s political, social and development sectors.

The organization puts emphasis on the 4 themes below:

  • Women’s political leadership
  • Gender equality in local governance
  • Women’s resilience to natural disasters
  • Social enterprises for women in local communities

Yaung Chi Thit will continue to carry out its missions and support growth in the country’s plans for the development of women. We would like to invite our friends and partners to cooperate with us to achieve our goals. We express our heart-felt thanks to the staff of Yaung Chi Thit and those who have supported us with financial and technical assistance and those who have helped us in many different ways in our journey of the past 10 years.